Wednesday, November 08, 2000

So a recent obsession has been officially recognized by the mainstream media. That is: the TV show Blind Date. This article .com pretty sums it up.
Hey folks,
My name's Seth. I live in Manhattan (corner of Lafayette and Spring), have for the past 6 years, having moved from Montreal when I was 22 and a little wet behind the ears.
So anyway, I'm on a train to work this morning (work is I'll get into later) and apparently someone pulled the emergency break in a train ahead of us so there we are stuck for what was probably 20-25 minutes. Luckily I had brought along my New Yorker, can figure out the rest. So this is my first attempt at a Blog and I know I'm late and now that it's hit the mainstream it won't be the same anymore but I'm doing it anyway, mainly because the web has become kind of bland and a chore to me of late and this sounded like a good way to spice it up and find some interesting minds and sites.